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Monte Velho Equoresort

A small boutique hotel in the Alentejo countryside, set on a well known Lusitano stud farm, thought to provide to horse lovers and others, very comfortable and beautiful accommodations and riding activities. Only 6 rooms. [+]
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Cyprus Villages & Drapia Farm

Combine holidays in a traditional village apartment and horse riding at our Drapia Farm offers you the chance to enjoy the Cypriot country side on horse back. [+]
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Tiffany's Riding Centre

Take a break in the western Algarve where time slows down! We have several choices of holiday to suit you as a rider. Enjoy the tranquility and nature of the local area. Experience great horses and traditional food. Come join us for a wonderful time![+]
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Sundance Guest Ranch

Whether you're looking for a horseback riding holiday with a bit of adventure, a family vacation at a dude ranch where even the kids will have fun, or just some place new where you can really get away from it all, you've found it.[+]
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Equitacion Conil - trials on PRE horses

Riding the world famous Andalusians PRE at the Costa de la Luz. Come join us and experience Gallop at virgin and endless beaches, canter through different countrysides, gaze at wild clifs landscapes and enjoy local food and culture. [+]
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Auersperg Safaris

The rhythmic sound of hooves galloping on paths used only by animals, the horses breathing is the only sound which brakes the silence, the pungent aroma of horse sweat in the air, giraffe crossing your path in their full glory...[+]
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