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Hípica Mas Batlló

TRAILS- Mas Batlló riding center realizes trails of some days since 30 years ago. You can make trails from 1 hour durationto a weekend or a whole week. Choose your trail! SUMMER CAMPS-Our camps are ready for you to make what you like the most! [+]
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Cyprus Villages & Drapia Farm

Combine holidays in a traditional village apartment and horse riding at our Drapia Farm offers you the chance to enjoy the Cypriot country side on horse back. [+]
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Sun Dance Ranch

The Sun Dance Ranch is a great western ranch on 18 hectares ground at the foot of big and wonderful mountains and so close to the river Klarälven.It has all the ingredients for an unforgettable vacation![+]
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Guest Ranch at Estancia El Venado

Established in 1878, Estancia El Venado comprises 2500 acres on prime grassland in the fertile Argentine pampas. If you're looking for a place to ride through the unspoiled pampas grasslands, this is the place for you.[+]
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Jarahonda Riding Trails

Beautifull farm a just 30 minutes from the capital of Spain is in the National Park Sierra de Guadarrama. An area of outstanding natural beauty, bursting in the culture and heritage that you would expect to find so close to Madrid. [+]
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Unlimited Kenya Horseback Safaris

Safaris Unlimited specialises in offering its guests an intense experience of Africa's wildlife, landscapes and people. Our horseback riding and wildlife safaris are journeys of discovery and exploration in Kenya's wild and remote places.[+]
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