Kommandor Garden

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Kommandor Garden

Riding holidays are active vacations, that are best combined with the whole family. At Kommandoergaarden there is plenty to do for those in the family who are not riding.


At Roemoe Icelandic horse center we take focus on safety for both horse and rider. All riders are assessed individually and the horse are allocated based on each riders abilities. All are provided with a helmet and all equipment is regularly checked by our riding guides. All stirrups have safety elastics.

We recommend that all riders have boots or closed shoes without laces. We also recommend loose fitting pants, as long as they are not too slippery in the fabric. Shorts and jeans are not recommended.

If it is raining, we have both rain paints and coat for everyone. In other words - we ride no matter the weather.

Riding experience

To make sure thate everyone has a good experience, we divide the riders into two teams.

Before we ride

Before all riding there is 45 minutes of grooming, sadling the horse and instructions and about 15-30 minutes grooming after the ride. We take a lot of effort in instructing how to hold the reins and use your legs, not only to ensure the riders, but also for the sake of the horse.

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Kommandor Garden
Kommandor Garden
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