Kurtuvenu regioninis parkas

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Kurtuvenu regioninis parkas

Kurtuvėnai Regional Park was established in 1992, with the aim to protect hilly landscape o Kurtuvėnai with forested and laky surroundings, its natural ecosystem and teasures of cultural heritage, create good recreation conditions, and encourage

Riding Services Centre in Kurtuvenai is opened the whole year. In the riding school run by the Riding Services Centre you can learn to ride, jump over hindrances and acquire riding abilities. Then you will be able to travel for a while on horseback or in a cart in the environs of Kurtuvenai. In your trips you will be accompanied by experienced instructors. Two recreational programmes “Holidays with horses” and “A weekend with horses” are proposed for visitors. According to the advanced order, groups up to 6 people are accepted. It includes the recreation of 3 and 4 days : full catering, accomodation in KRP guests’ house, 3 riding lessons, 6 trips in a cart, on horseback and by bicycles in the environs of Kurtuvenai and a picnic in the countryside.

The Summer Riding Camps are for children from 10 to 16 years and last 5 days.

Several competitions and events are organised from the Riding Services Centre as well :

Riding Services Centre’ s season opening festival. Each year Riding Services Centre’ s season opening festival is organised in May and closing festival in September with horse performance programmes and evening-parties.

Marathon for winning the Kurtuvenai Cup (first weekend of September).


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Kurtuvenu regioninis parkas
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Tel:+370 41 370336

Parko g. 2, Kurtuvėnai, LT-80223 Šiauliai distr. Lithuania

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