Ranch de Diabat - Morocco

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Ranch de Diabat - Morocco

“The Paradise of the ground is on the back of the horses”… come to try this ancient arab proverb with us



«Diabat» is a small village build near the dunes, far from Essaouira just 3 km in the direction of Agadir, it was famous in the period of Jimmy Hendrix. « Essaouira » is one of the turistic pearl of Morocco.

Small city with an important port, you can find its older charm and also one intense cultural activity. Festival of music (gnawa, arab-andalus, ecc..), exposition of painting and older work with wood of thuya are the main activities. The medina (centre of the city) is a lot picturesque and you find lovely things in the souks (street market)

The Ranch de Diabat born fifteen years ago by one family who create the society registrated to the register of commerce and work with legality with all the authorization.

“The Paradise of the ground is on the back of the horses”… This old Arab proverb illustrates better than long speeches, the range of feelings which the Ranch de Diabat offers to you.

In the Ranch there are eighteen horses of local race, barbe and barbe-arabe. Other time used for the conquest, this kind of horses, famous for their endurance, they conduct you for discovery one world of dreams, of liberty with endless space. Whether you're lover of long trekking of some days, of holiday embellished by rider in zone, of dream gallops between sky, land and ocean, or other formule depending by your idea, the Ranch de Diabat can satisfy all your wish of equestrian escape.

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Ranch de Diabat - Morocco
Ranch de Diabat - Morocco
Ranch de Diabat - Morocco
Ranch de Diabat - Morocco
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Douar Diabat, boite postal 1402, gare routiere, Essaouira

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